Food Safety

At Mac Edwards Produce & Company Inc., we work hard to ensure that our customers are receiving the safest foods possible. Mac Edwards Produce & Co., Inc. is SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing, Edition 8 Certified. This audit scope is GFSI Benchmarked compliant. What this means is that we have invested in a food safety program that transforms the way that we operate and effects everything that we do.

Our GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), GHP (Good Handling Practices), and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Include:

  • Sourcing safe product – Growers, Shippers and Suppliers are vetted
  • Continuously Training Employees-We have a department dedicated to training and maintaining our food safety standards
  • Food Recalls and traceability – Being able to notify our customers should a recall or market withdrawal take place.
  • Sanitation- A robust system to clean and verify throughout our entire facility and across all shifts.
  • Environmental Testing – Routine Laboratory testing for Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli and other harmful organisms
  • Protecting the cold chain – Maintained, functioning and monitored coolers and delivery vehicles. All product is loaded and unloaded on a refrigerated dock.
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