A few
Words About Us

At Mac Edwards Produce Inc.,we pride ourselves in offering a more personalized service than that of our competitors.
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Benefits of
Our Products

  • Immediate access to locally grown produce.
  • Fast shipping worldwide.
  • Special orders available.
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Food Safety

At Mac Edwards Produce & Company Inc., we work hard to ensure that our customers are receiving the safest foods possible. We have done this by instituting a food safety program that is light years ahead of our competitors. The cornerstones of our program include sourcing safe product, employee training, facility/vehicle maintenance, and full line traceability of product. To ensure that we are held accountable, we participate in voluntary unannounced third party health and safety inspections where every aspect of our food safety program is dissected. Some of the highlights of our program include-

                  -Instituting full line product traceability. Every product that leaves our facility may be traced back and recalled at any time (FDA recall, grower recall, quality recall, etc..)

                  -Certifying and ensuring that our growers adhere to Good Agricultural Practices and Good Handling Practices

                  - Training employees in food safety, food security and food handling techniques. This includes periodic ‘Mock’ Food Safety Product Recalls

                  -Ensuring proper sanitation of our facilities and warehouses in order to prevent any contamination of product.

                  -Only produce is carried in delivery vehicles and proper refrigerated temperature is maintained at all times.

                  -Onsite and remote monitoring of our facilities security, cooler temperatures and humidity.