Empire Apple



Empire apples are available in the fall through winter.

Current Facts

Empire apples are a hybrid of McIntosh and Red Delicious developed at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in 1945. The variety is known by several other names, including NY2 and Red Mac.

Nutritional Value

Empire apples contain potassium, calcium, and vitamin C. They are also an excellent source of dietary fiber. Additionally, they are low in sodium, calories, fat, and cholesterol.


Empire apples can be used for both cooked and raw applications such as baking, desserts, salads, sauces, and more. The crisp flesh has a tart flavor that balances sweet notes when cooked down with sugar or honey. For snacking fresh off the tree or out of the produce aisle, Empire apples are hard to beat in terms of flavor and texture.


Empire apples can be stored in a cool place for up to two months; refrigeration is not necessary. They should be handled with care as they will bruise easily if mishandled. Apples that are bruised or show signs of rot should be discarded immediately.


Empire apples have been around since 1945 and remain popular today for their sweet-tart flavor and firm texture. With its versatility in both cooked and raw applications, Empire apples are an excellent choice for baking, sauces, salads, snacking, and more. When stored properly, these apples can last up to two months so you can enjoy them all season long.

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