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Turnip greens are available year-round.


When selecting turnip greens, choose those with vibrant green leaves and stems that are crisp. Avoid any with wilted or yellowed leaves as this is a sign of age and flavor loss.


Turnip greens should be stored in the refrigerator where they will keep for up to 1 week. To store, wrap them in a damp cloth or place them in a plastic bag filled with water before sealing and refrigerating. The leaves can also be frozen by blanching before freezing for up to 6 months.


Turnip greens can be cooked in many different ways including boiling, steaming, sautéing, and baking. They are often used in soups, stews, salads, stir-fries, and gratins. When cooked, they can be served hot or cold with a variety of dressings and sauces. The leaves can also be eaten raw in salads or as wraps, when young and tender. Turnip greens pair well with pork dishes such as bacon, ham hock, or sausage as well as other vegetables like carrots, potatoes, celery root, onions, garlic, kale, chard, tomatoes. Additionally they can be seasoned with herbs such as thyme rosemary oregano basil and parsley for an added flavorful boost!


Turnip greens are an excellent source of vitamins A and C, folate, calcium, and iron. They also contain dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and antioxidants which help to support overall health. Additionally they are low in calories making them a great choice for those looking to maintain or lose weight!


When selecting turnip greens it is important to check for any signs of decay or wilting as this can indicate spoilage. As with all vegetables, thoroughly wash before eating or cooking to remove any dirt or bacteria that may be present on the surface. It is also recommended to cook turnip greens prior to consumption in order to reduce their bitterness and make them easier to digest. Turnips greens should not be stored for more than a few days. If you plan to freeze the greens, it is important to blanch them first in order to preserve their flavor and texture. Frozen turnip greens can last up to six months when stored properly.

When cooking turnip greens, it is important to avoid adding too much salt or acid as this can diminish their flavor. Additionally, if they are cooked for too long they can become quite mushy and unappealing. The best way to cook turnip greens is lightly steamed or sautéed in a bit of olive oil until just wilted. This will help to retain their crunch and flavor while still ensuring that they are fully cooked through. With the right preparation, turnip greens can be a delicious and nutritious addition to any meal!

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