Red Seedless Grapes



Red seedless grapes are available year-round.


When selecting red seedless grapes, look for bunches that are firmly attached to the stem and have uniform color. Avoid bunches with shriveled or moldy grapes; these can indicate that the fruit may be overripe.


Red seedless grapes should be stored in a plastic bag inside the refrigerator crisper where they will keep fresh for up to one week. If you plan to store them longer, freeze them on a baking sheet before transferring them to an airtight container or bag. To thaw, place frozen grapes in a colander and allow cold running water to loosen them from the ice crystals. Grapes can also be dried or made into jams and jellies for later use. Enjoy your grapes!


Red seedless grapes pair well with nuts, cheeses, herbs, honey, chocolate, and other fruits. They can also be cooked into jams, compote, pies, tarts, sauces, syrups and more. For best flavor it is recommended to consume them within a few days after purchase. Red seedless grapes are a popular choice for snacking, and can be added to mix into trail mixes, granola bars, muffins and breakfast cereals. They can also be frozen for later use in smoothies or baked goods.

Health Benefits

Red seedless grapes are packed with nutrition and provide many health benefits, from increased immunity to improved heart function. Grapes contain vitamins A and C along with the minerals calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium. They are high in fiber and low in calories which make them an ideal snack option. Enjoy red seedless grapes on their own as a sweet treat or incorporate them into your recipes for added flavor and nutrition!

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